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The Latest Automation Technologies For Smart Home Upgrades

Now that there’s a world of smart home systems available, why not improve your lifestyle by installing them? It’s amazing how inexpensive these smart systems have gotten. Now, just about everything in a home can be controlled wirelessly and automated to make life easier. Let our┬áhome automation experts here at Village Audio and Video give… Read More

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4 Benefits Of A Whole Home Smart Audio System

When you wake up in the morning, when you’re preparing a meal for the family, or just when you’ve finally gotten the chance to sit down and relax at the end of the day, your music can enhance every moment of your life at home. If you never want to miss a beat, one of… Read More

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Controlling Your Home With Your Mobile Device: The Benefits Of Home Automation

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of being able to push a button and control everything in your home was considered science fiction. The advances in technology over the past several years has turned this from wishful thinking into a reality. Life can be hectic enough at the best of times, and taking… Read More

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All About Chicagoland Motorized Window Treatments

If you are interested in an easier way to operate your Chicagoland window treatments, motorized technologies can be installed so you can operate them with a handheld remote while you’re at home or from a remote location with your smartphone. Smart homes have many features that make controlling home systems easier. Motorized window treatments are… Read More

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Lighting Controls Elevate Your Quality Of Living

Modern homes can boast many luxury features including custom lighting designs. Lighting controls add even more luxury to your living space by providing you with a system of using your lighting in all areas of the home. Whether you want to dim the lights, lower your shades, turn on your television, or just light up… Read More

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Home Theater System Electronic Abbreviations

Home theaters or home entertainment systems can be quite complicated, wouldn’t you agree? With all the technical gadgets available today, it’s no wonder so many people shy away from buying some of the more complicated equipment. With technical jargon gone wild, the world of advertising hasn’t made it any easier when manufacturers have small amounts… Read More

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Simple Tips to Make the Most out of Chicagoland Home Theaters

Thanks to the most recent advancements in the field of technology, investing in Chicagoland home theaters┬áhas become cheaper and more manageable than ever. If you are thinking about making this kind of investment, then, you have to see to it that you get the help of professionals in installing your units, so as to ensure… Read More

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Chicagoland Home Automation – the Future of Homes

With the vast advancements that we have seen in technology over the past few years, by far one of the coolest and most convenient up and coming inventions is going to be the use of automation to control everything in your house. Chicagoland home automation can be so convenient because you can control many functions… Read More

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Chicagoland Security Systems for the 21st Century

Home security has come a long way from the time when people simply locked their doors and windows, and for good reason. Chicagoland homes today have televisions, smart phones, computers and other expensive items that thieves find very enticing if there aren’t sophisticated, effective ways to keep them out. Luckily, home security came along for… Read More

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