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The Latest Automation Technologies For Smart Home Upgrades

Now that there’s a world of smart home systems available, why not improve your lifestyle by installing them? It’s amazing how inexpensive these smart systems have gotten. Now, just about everything in a home can be controlled wirelessly and automated to make life easier. Let ourĀ home automation experts here at Village Audio and Video give you some tips.

Imagine, for a moment knowing that the refrigerator has successfully ordered the groceries you needed. As you walk into the house, the lights sense your presence and turn on. At that moment, you know the video camera is recording your every move and that it’s sending you an alert to tell you there’s movement in the house.

As you enter the living room, you tell your smart home to open the window shades so you can let in some light. What could be easier and better? There are many automation improvements available today to help you live life better.

Remote Control Windows

While you may not want to open the windows while you’re away, it’s sure nice to open them with a remote control when you’re home relaxing and don’t want to get up. And they’re perfect for those windows that are hard to reach.

Smart Thermostats & Irrigation Systems

Most homeowners are now familiar with smart home systems that allow you to monitor and control the HVAC system and irrigation system. However, they can be tied into the smart technology that controls your home’s lighting system as well. Many smart systems can be integrated together for even easier access and control.

Automated Landscape Lights

Automating the lights outdoors has gotten even better with the tie-in to other smart home features. You don’t have to mess with dusk to dawn lights anymore but now have full functional remote control on which lights are on and when you want them on or off.

Smart Home Video Surveillance & Security Systems

Want to see who’s visiting your home when you’re not there? Want to find out if your teens are inviting friends over while you’re away? Home video and audio monitoring have never been easier with smart functions that alert you when there’s outdoor or indoor movement.

Close Your Window Shades And Turn On The Lights While You’re On Vacation

In addition to windows, the window treatments can be motorized for easy remote control. The best window treatments for this application are shades which are installed on tracks. Many offer easy top down and bottom up features so you can position the shades anywhere on the window you like. The smart technology for the shades is a separate installation, so you can motorize your existing window treatments.

Here are some additional smart feature and home automation options you may like:

  • Solar or wind-powered generators
  • Surge protection
  • Computer networking centers, internet access systems
  • Specialty exhaust fans (whole home exhaust fans quick removal of heat, automatic exhaust)
  • Monitors for VOCs, CO, poisons, etc
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Temperature control
  • Security video or alarms
  • Automated security shades or hurricane shades/panels
  • Home access control systems
  • Property gate access control
  • Video and intercom systems
  • Home theater systems
  • Gaming systems
  • New technologies in home outlets
  • Specialty appliances (grocery ordering refrigerators and such)
  • Heated flooring, heated walls

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