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4 Benefits Of A Whole Home Smart Audio System

whole-house-audioWhen you wake up in the morning, when you’re preparing a meal for the family, or just when you’ve finally gotten the chance to sit down and relax at the end of the day, your music can enhance every moment of your life at home. If you never want to miss a beat, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your home is to have a whole home audio system installed. These are designed to stream your favorite music throughout your whole home, but also have a wide range of other functions. Smart audio can be programmed to help set the mood for any different occasion. If you are interested in a brand new whole home smart audio system, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right investment for your home, read on to find out why it could actually wind up being the perfect new addition to your home for you and your family. Let your friendly home automation experts help you today!

Say Goodbye To Your Alarm Clock

When you have to wake up in the morning, the alarm clock can easily become your first enemy of the day with its blaring screech. Imagine instead, that you were able to wake up feeling refreshed as one of your favorite songs began to gently filter into your bedroom through well concealed speakers in your walls. This scenario would be a dream for most people, but it can be a reality with a whole home audio system. You can even program your audio system to repeat this process each morning, adding a new level of convenience to your morning routine. As an added bonus, you can integrate this audio function into your home’s existing smart shading and lighting to adjust the light in your bedroom gradually, giving your eyes a chance to prepare a little before being thrown directly into the morning sunlight.

Take Party Night To The Next Level

Imagine this: you have your snacks out, drinks are already mixed, and you’ve just pulled that special dish out of the oven that everyone goes crazy over, which means the party is about to begin. The only thing left to do is decide on the particular soundtrack for this party. This process has never been easier with a brand new whole home audio system. With a simple touch of a button on your tablet or smartphone, you can find and select the perfect playlist for each separate room, or choose to set a single playlist for the entire home. One of the best parts of this entire setup is that there is no central stereo system you need to keep going back to whenever you want to change up the music, just do it right from your tablet or smartphone!

Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Outdoor Spaces

There is no reason that you whole home audio system has to stop at the doors of your home. You can integrate weather and heat resistant speakers into your outdoor spaces and have the perfect addition to your home’s back yard patio or pool area. You can have your favorite playlist on hand while out taking a dip, or give your backyard cookout its own soundtrack. With a single mobile device, you can have complete control of your home’s outdoor audio system.

Stay Connected With Family

Gathering your family together into one room can sometimes be a hassle, but with a whole home audio system, you will be able to pass the message along to everyone at the same time, no matter what room of the house they’re in. You can use the speakers installed as part of your whole home audio system to communicate with your family members throughout the house without ever having to get up from the couch.

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