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Welcome to Village Audio Video: A Kenilworth Home Automation Specialist

Kenilworth home automationConnect. Communicate. Touch. Be anywhere in your house - or in the world - and have easy access to all the systems in your Kenilworth home. Sound too good to be true? Sound like something straight out of the future?

With Village Audio Video, your Kenilworth home automation specialists, this technology is available to you today. Just imagine: one button labeled “Welcome” can turn on the lights, open the shades, play the music, and set the proper temperature on your Kenilworth home's heating and air conditioning system. And when you're ready to leave the house, one button named “Goodbye” has the ability to shut off all electronic systems in your home. No more walking through every room and manually setting each system. With our Kenilworth home automation systems, you get total convenience and an easier way to manage your home.

Our Kenilworth home automation specialists use Crestron touchpanels exclusively because they are the controllers of choice in the world’s finest residences and the most exclusive Fortune 500 boardrooms. You can rest assured that your Kenilworth home automation system will be installed to perfection with Village Audio Video on the job.

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or simply redecorating your current home in the Kenilworth area, allowing Village Audio Video to create your Smart Home is an intelligent investment for your family, your residence and your security. Call us today at 847-251-0250 to learn more about the home automation in Kenilworth we have done.

Village Audio Video - Kenilworth Security Systems

When it comes to home security in Kenilworth, Village Audio Video is the name you can trust for top quality Kenilworth security systems. Village Audio Video started providing Kenilworth security systems and home automation services more than 15 years ago with a simple philosophy: any work we do for you, in your home, will be done as if it's for our own. That means quality workmanship, quality materials and quality service, whether you are looking into Kenilworth security systems, home automation systems, home theaters, or some other technology.

As proud as we are of the work we do, it's after the project is finished that our dedication really shows. We always have a Kenilworth security systems member of the staff on call, ready to help, so you will get timely responses to your questions and concerns whenever the need arises. 

Get the ultimate in luxury and protection with Kenilworth security systems installed professionally by the specialists at Village Audio Video today, and get peace of mind knowing your investments are secure with a state of the art home security system.

Kenilworth Home Theater Installer

Let the Kenilworth home theater installers at Village Audio Video provide your family with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience through the design and installation of your very own home theater. Big screen TVs, plush cushioned theater chairs, lighting control, surround sound...our Kenilworth home theater installers do it all to ensure your movie-watching experience is nothing short of stellar.

In matters of safety, we select parts that exceed the job requirements. For example, we use wires that exceed national fire/safety code, and install all electronics for your Kenilworth home theater according to the most rigid electrical and building standards. All of our Kenilworth home theater installers train yearly through nationally recognized industry educational associations. 

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Kenilworth Lighting Control

Light has the ability to function both practically and aesthetically. Kenilworth lighting control systems maximize both decorative and functional lighting and bring illumination under direct control of the Kenilworth homeowner. Some lighting control systems also feature programmable settings and can operate in unison with home automation systems that control lighting with timers and sensors.

Lighting control systems offer homeowners integrated, multifunctional lighting solutions. Whether initially purchased for setting the mood or making it quicker and easier to leave the house, Kenilworth lighting control systems help with long-term, accumulated savings on electrical costs. Many homeowners in Kenilworth see up to a 10% saving on their electrical bill because of the installation of a lighting control system.

Interested in learning more about Kenilworth lighting control systems for the home? Call the experts at Village Audio Video today.

The Services We Provide in Kenilworth, IL

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