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Chicagoland home automationWelcome to Village Audio Video and to in-home entertainment in the 21st century. It was not too long ago that images of the family gathered around the radio listening to the great serials of the 1930's, 40's and 50's was the picture of home entertainment. Imagination was the most important component as you closed your eyes and transported yourself to the Wild West, the jungles of Africa, or even the not-too-distant future. 

Well, the not-too-distant future is here, and oh, how far we've come. That old family radio is far removed from today's home entertainment systems as the Wright brothers plane is from Space Shuttle. But the amazing thing is that all the latest entertainment technology is available to you, in your home, today. 

Village Audio Video specializes in Chicagoland home automation systems, home theatre, whole house music, communication, lighting control and more. We started providing these services more than fifteen years ago with a simple philosophy: any work we do for you, in your home, will be done as if it's for our own. That means quality workmanship, quality materials and quality service. In matters of safety we select parts that exceed the job requirements. For example, we use wires that exceed national fire/safety code, and install all electronics according to the most rigid electrical and building standards. All members of our installation teams train yearly through nationally recognized industry educational associations. 

As proud as we are of the work we do, it's after the project is finished that our dedication really shows. We always have a member of the staff on call, ready to help, so you will get timely responses to your questions and concerns whenever the need arises. 

Please take a little to time to view our website to discover how we can help you design a system, a room or a whole home to meet your home entertainment desires. We look forward to working with you.

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