59 Years Young.

Village TV was founded in 1960 by Sam Gambacorta. Vince Frederico bought the business in 1980. And with Sam and Vince’s blessings, Blair Brommel took over in 2015.

Today, we’re a family business in every sense of the term. Blair’s brother, Brad, is our Head of Operations. His wife, Maureen, does our accounting. Mike Bernhard, our Head of Sales, has known and worked with Blair for over 20 years. Vince, though happily retired, still answers the phone for his longstanding clients. And Sam still owns our building in Wilmette. He makes sure to drop in every now and then.

For our clients, a family business means a family approach. It means we care about the last 5% of the project just as much as the first 95%. It means we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of everything in our proposal (no hard sells of equipment you don’t need). It means our technicians take the time to do the job right. And it means supporting our work after it’s done. Every time.


Blair Brommel, President

Blair began his career at Central Illinois’ Appletree Stereo at the age of 15. He’s been in the industry ever since, working at a series of Illinois’ finest AV shops before founding Blair & Associates in 1997 (having been talked out of “Blair the Stereo Guy”). Since then, he’s acquired Theaterworks, The Big Picture Home Theater Company, and, in 2015, Village Audio Video.

He’s built his reputation on quality work (repeat the mantra: “work smarter, not harder”) and the person-to-person connections he makes with his clients. Every project is a new challenge, and every client is a new friend.

Mike Bernhard, Head of Sales

Mike has worked in the AV industry for nearly 30 years. For 20 of those, he managed to resist Blair’s entreaties to join forces and relive their Columbia Audio/Video days. In 2012, he could resist no longer, and joined the Village Audio/Video team.

A tinkerer since birth, Mike sweats every detail on every project, and is never happy with a job left unfinished. When he’s not working, Mike is probably somewhere in the great outdoors. Cycling, snowboarding, backpacking, Nordic skiing — take your pick.

The Full Team

Brad Brommel, Head of Operations

Pete Skowron, Technician

Chris Miletic, Technician

Jason Alterson, Technician

Maureen Brommel, Accountant